Jobless Could Destabilize Country


– PM Suggests Levy for Employment Creation By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Prime Minister Nahas Angula has said that government should act fast to address the issue of unemployment in the country, as unemployed youth have the potential of becoming a destabilizing force socially. The Prime Minister, who is currently on holiday at Onyaanya in the Oshana Region, said he had observed with great concern the level of unemployment especially among the youth in the area. Angula said the youth have lost hope and this is a worrying situation. “I do not know what must be done but something really needs to be done.” He said it appears that the youth have really been excluded from the main economic streamline and government needs to be innovative to rescue the situation. The Premier said new ways must be found on how young people can benefit from the natural resources of the country. He suggested that maybe the government should introduce a levy on natural resource exports in raw form. “We can use the money generated from this levy for employment creation.” The Premier added that poverty in the area is evident and has started affecting the lifestyles of young people. He noted that during a church service on Christmas Day, the priest complained that fewer young people were getting married nowadays. Angula said he believes that the few marriages could be attributed to the fact that young people have nothing to offer and thus cannot get married. “When you get married, you need to provide for the ceremony as well as for your wife and children.” He noted that the new trend is worrying as it clearly indicates that the smallest building bloc of the society, namely the family, is endangered. Angula also observed that there is an urgent need to renew the fight against HIV/Aids. Government should work together with the church to send out the message of HIV prevention. “As I observed and interacted with people here, I became concerned and worried about the behaviour of our young people.” Angula, who is returning to office next week Monday, also revealed that he is currently ploughing at his village in an effort to contribute to food stability. He however noted that his area has not received rainfall this year and the cold front has been affecting the rain. “If we do not get rain soon, the crop farmers will struggle to produce a good harvest.” He however observed that cattle farmers appear to be doing well from the rainfall they received towards the end of last year. The Premier on Christmas Day went to church and visited old people before spending the rest of the day with old friends. Angula said on New Year’s Eve he again went to church and spent time with his mother and family. He added that during the holidays he also had the opportunity to have the tombstone unveiling of his late father.