Don’t Seem to Like Being Led by a Woman


By William Mbangula Oshakati A power struggle is looming for the control of Ohaihana village in the Eenhana Constituency following an attempt at the weekend to dethrone the current leader of the village. Targeted for removal was Ester Kavela, a teacher by profession who inherited the village leadership from her late husband, Vilho Kavela, in 1997. Since then, she has allegedly been a target of constant conspiracy and victimization spearheaded by the former inspector of education, Nahas Ndevahoma, and ex-DTA politician, Immanuel Nghihulifwa, who want to install the latter’s relative, Natangwe Kashihakumwa, as the headman of the village. According to information provided to New Era, some of the ringleaders cannot stomach being ruled by a woman, hence their vigorous campaign to replace her. The ringleaders appear to have won favourable attention from some key figures in the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA), so much so that they allegedly authorized the review of her position during a meeting which was due to take place last Saturday, January 6. However, the two representatives of the OTA, Joseph Kamati (Ondeihaluka) and Hangula Vatilifa (Okelemba), did not pitch up. Ohaihana village falls under Senior Headman Job Haihambo of Ohakafiya District. Haihambo was in the news recently for having two headmen at the same time running Onaimbungu village in his district. The matter has now been settled following intervention by OTA. Kavela confirmed to New Era that the scheduled meeting, which was also monitored by the police, was postponed indefinitely after the two officials failed to turn up. She claimed that the village leadership was given to her fairly. She has paid the five head of cattle as required by traditional law.