Last Musical Show for the Year


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Andre Gariseb considers it the hottest Namibian concert to be presented this side of the equator over the Big Days in Katutura at the UN Plaza next Friday evening. In a press statement the music promoter flatteringly raves about the apparent exceptional music qualities of the musicians starring in the last musical concert of the year in the capital. “With the release of their debut CD; “Meesters”, MATONGO FAMILY received major media exposure with substantial public response and making “Tsu-se” (the album’s first promotional track) an instant anthem. The success of the album earned MATONGO FAMILY an acclaimed nomination in the 2005 Sanlam/NBC Music Awards,” Andre said. In the statement he continued with his praise songs: “All this and other notable achievements did not only offer this forthright and commended trio national exposure, but also undoubtedly cemented them celebrity status and gained them deserved respect as one of the few true Namibian music talents.” According to Gariseb the MATONGO FAMILY now returns with brand new material to continue where they left off. “With the new album titled “Sunrise”, MATONGO FAMILY continues to set the trends in the local music scene and it is considered to mark another milestone in their musical career. The highly anticipated “Sunrise” album secured major airplay across all formats and is hotly anticipated by radio, retail and consumers alike,” he said. To launch the album officially an all star music concert, titled TURA’S FINEST LIVE @ UN PLAZA is planned featuring live performances by MATONGO FAMILY and supported by an assembleyof the country’s most recognized music idols including BIG BEN, GAZZA, JERICO, JOSSY JOZZ, KILLA-B, QONJA & MAPPZ (“Koek & Jam”), SUNNY BOY and the newest singing sensation THE VERTICS. He aptly concludes his statement saying: “The event is created to provide a jam packed entertainment to audiences from all lifestyles and is assured to be an interesting leisure bargain. Tight security arrangements have been made and the presence of City police requested.”