Namibia Needs a Monarchy


YOUR country is not one of the poorest states on the African continent and I believe that your different politicians can solve Namibia’s problems. But there are some things that I think that the Namibian people ought to think about before it is too late. Your country lies in the tropical part of the world, therefore your politicians ought to invest a certain amount of money in solar energy. Please remember that if your country has to keep on importing oil from abroad, then it will be very expensive in the long run. But that is not the only reason for investing in solar energy. Another reason for doing it is that in that way, Namibia can keep as much as its independence as possible. As far as I have understood, your country earns a lot of money from selling diamonds, and some of this money ought to be invested in things like machinery for desalination of salt water. The desalinated water can be used for irrigation in the agricultural areas, and the reason is that ground water levels have been falling in many places by about 30 metres during the 20th century. At the same time, Namibia also ought to invest in gunboats that will be able to shoot at oil tankers to prevent these from getting too close at the coast. Because Namibia needs unpolluted water for irrigation. Will keeping oil tankers at a distance like 500 – 600 kilometres, will that be enough do you think? I have also another proposal, and that is that Namibia also ought to invest in the agricultural sector. Namibia ought to build a lot of greenhouses. By buildings greenhouses, your farmers can avoid using insect spray, and in that way the Namibian crops will be almost ecological, and in the world of today where so many people in the western world suffer from cancer. Namibia will perhaps then be able to earn lots of money because your crops are better. I have also another proposal and that is that every politician in Namibia, when they speak to people on the radio and on television, then tell them about what can be done to avoid the increasing of both the population and AIDS. The politicians ought to advise people to use petting when they are having sex because in that way, Namibia can avoid both an increase of the population and also of AIDS, as long as both men and women have clean hands and their nails are not too long, then petting is just as satisfactory for both men and women. I have also another proposal and that is that the Namibian government ought to forbid blacks to convert to Islam and the reason is that 15 000 blacks disappear every single year when they are going on a pilgrimage. And many people in the United Nations believe that they are taken as slaves because they never return. People of Namibia! You have been free since 21/3-1990 and please remember to stay free. And Namibia ought to have a law that forbids missionaries to convert people of traditional religions into those religions who have taken so many blacks as slaves for centuries. I have also another proposal, and that is that men who beat or rape their wives or girlfriends are to go through a mental examination, because if that man who beats and rapes is a psychopath, then he is not curable, because if not? Who will be the next he will beat, rape or murder! I have also another proposal and that is to make Namibia a monarchy. Put on a throne as king of Namibia, a Chief from the tribe of Owambo, who then can marry a woman from the tribe of Kavango or from another smaller tribe. In that way the monarchy will perhaps be able to tie the nation together, and in that way avoid a war between the different tribes in years to come. And one thing more! Too many elections are not good. They cost too much money. One election in a decade is enough. One election every eight or ninth year is enough. LOUIS NORBRINK Langelandsvei 26 2000 Frederiksberg Denmark. No one is to know my iden- tity before 22/March – 2012