Beer Sold Out in Xmas Stampede


By Anna Ingwafa WINDHOEK Despite a record production of 1.5-million hectolitres, Namibia Breweries needs to produce more litres of beer – particularly of its premium Windhoek Lager – to quench the thirst of thousands of Namibians who are on the Christmas break. Though pub owners normally capitalise on the festive season making record profits due to the free-spending habits of revellers, it appears luck is not on their side. One of the consumer’s favourite drinks, Windhoek Lager is very much in demand both locally and abroad, resulting in the drink being sold out this week and leaving revellers high and dry as they scrambled for the thirst-quencher. Bar owners in Windhoek have been running around struggling to get stocks since Saturday but to no avail. Patrick Hashingola of Ohlthaver& List, the parent company of Namibia Breweries, said the shortage occurred following a huge demand for Windhoek Lager. “Currently Namibia Breweries is working hard in terms of production so that it can meet demand,” he said. “I have been at Namibia Breweries and depots around Windhoek from Saturday looking for Windhoek Lager but until today, there is nothing and this beer is in high demand,” complained one local bar owner. Hashingola urged consumers to be patient since their favourite drink would be available soon, adding that this is not a really big problem for Namibia Breweries as it is gradually meeting the demand. The lager is mild in bitterness with a rich golden colour. Its alcohol content stands at 4% and the energy content at approximately 138 kilojoules per 100 ml. Chairman of the Ohlthaver & List Group, Sven Thieme, earlier told New Era that Windhoek Lager is famous on the international market for its quality and purity and has made itself a drink of preference for the thousands at home and in bars in 22 countries. One of the officials from Namibia Breweries said this steady increase in demand for Namibian beer in neighbouring countries, where it is marketed as a premium brew, has been promoted by the high number of Namibian expatriates in places such as South Africa and the United Kingdom, where NBL’s brands such as Windhoek Lager and Windhoek Light have cut themselves a respectable market share. Last year, Windhoek Lager won a gold award from the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft in Berlin.

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