Warning against Pirating of Music


In terms of Section 33 (1) of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Act 6 of 1994, it is a criminal offence to possess a copied musical production compact disc (CD) or cassette, says a statement from Omalaeti Music company. By implication, it makes anybody found in possession of the same a criminal (minimal) and chargers can be laid against the offender by the owner of the work or agent. Thus nobody is allowed to copy the musical work in anyway. You are hereby warned that if you are found with copied musical work in your car, in the jukeboxes, in a club, in the classroom, at the office, at home, at a party, at a bar or at any other public place and on your computer. In the eyes of the law you are no different from a drug dealer or any other criminal for that matter. This is a friendly warning from Omalaeti Music not to be found with a copy of any of their products. Also take note that none of Omalaeti’s songs should be part of any compilation. How do you differentiate Omalaeti Music’s original CD and cassettes from pirated copies? – All our products are wrapped in a clear plastic cover. – It has an Identity Number e.g. OMB002 for the Tate Buti new CD, Osuuka. – The very same number appears on the actual CD inside around the centre. – At the same time its written CDT and its international registration number is L141 by IFPI. Should you find anyone with copied CDs or cassette/s of Omalaeti Music by way of this information you are empowered by Omalaeti Music to lay criminal chargers with the Namibian Police. Call 0811273622 to claim your reward after you have provided the CR or Case Number from the police.