Clarion Call to Combat Crime


By Petronella Sibeene WINDHOEK An appeal has been made to members of the public to assist the Police in the fight against crime. The Deputy Safety and Security Minister, Gabes Shihepo, made the appeal during the celebrations over the weekend of the Police’s 16th anniversary. “As citizens, you have a civic obligation to fight crime. So, assist the Police at all times by providing information which will lead to the successful apprehension of would-be criminals or culprits,” stated the minister. Shihepo revealed that, despite the Police being an institution tasked with a national responsibility of maintaining law and order, it is expected to do so much with so little. He was referring to the limited resources for the Police. He said: “If there is a department within the government that has to do so much with so little, then the Namibian Police is a striking example of tenacity. By this I am emphasizing my awareness of the difficulties the Force is undergoing in terms of limited resources.” He gave the assurance that he would vigorously continue to motivate the need for the Police to get more funds from central government. Despite the limited resources at its disposal, the Police have recorded a number of achievements. According to Shihepo, high-profile cases such as armed heists and frauds involving millions of dollars, the marathon Caprivi high treason trial which involved gathering of information by detectives and investigators, all bear testimony to the hard work performed by the Police. “Indeed, the successes scored by the Namibian Police are indicative of the desire to excel,” he stressed. Apart from supporting the Police in crime prevention, the deputy minister urged the public to expose any officers suspected of corrupt dealings. “The Namibian Police Force is a proud institution which is trying to do its best, and rotten elements have no place in the department,” he concluded.