School Remains a Beacon of Hope


By Frederick Philander TSES The Novak Primary School at Tses in the south of the country has been doing well academically and otherwise since its inception in 1927. “We are proud of the fact that national leaders such as the current Minister of Tourism and Environment, Willem Konjore, attended this school in all its humbleness. The school has become an educational beacon to many learners from surrounding farms and even from towns such as Windhoek and Keetmanshoop,” said proud principal Joseph Swartbooi during a recent interview at his school. The primary school presently accommodates 500 learners and 16 full-time teachers. “Recently, we had to expand the staff after learners from Vaalgras were forced to come to our school, contributing towards some of the problems we face at the school and in the village. Unemployment among the school parents is rife resulting in them being unable to pay the annual school fees, one of our biggest socio-economic problems around here,” Swartbooi said. On a more positive note the principal referred to the many sporting accolades Novak Primary School learners have received in sports, such as netball and soccer over the years. “We may not be one of the richest schools in the country, but we are definitely dedicated and passionate about the delivery of quality education to our people in the south. We are very positive about the future of the school and do our utmost best to create a conducive environment for education in this rural village,” he said.