Third Service Station Opened at Coastal Town


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Another milestone was reached on Saturday when BP Indongo opened its third service station in Kuisebmond at Walvis Bay last Saturday. Local organizations that participated in the celebrations included the Walvis Bay Fire Brigade, E. Med Rescue team and the Walvis Bay Traffic Department. Walvis Bay’s Fire Department and Traffic Department received medical equipment from E-Med Rescue. Representatives Willie van Zyl of the Fire Department, Frans Grobler of the Traffic Department and Aubrey Terrance of E-Med Rescue expressed their commitment to serve the community through close teamwork. “One of the results of their close collaboration is the set-up of emergency posts along the coastline for the coming December holiday season. They also thanked BP Indongo for the opportunity to show the role they play for the local community in Kuisebmond,” said Willem Baartman of BP Indongo. Olavi Makuti, Environmental officer for the Municipality of Walvis Bay, used the opening to educate the community on the role each and every person can play in caring for the environment. The Oruuano Artists Union entertained the crowds with traditional dances and educational plays which highlighted the problems faced within our communities. BP Indongo will continue to support this organization at the Walvis Bay Arts and Culture Festival 2006 which is planned for November 11 at the Kuisebmond sports grounds. Janus Shindinge and Ras Isaacs also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to show off local artistic talent during the opening of the garage,” said Baartman telephonically. Taimi Alweeno, shop manager at BP Indongo, thanked the community for their interest and assured everybody that BP Indongo is here to stay and that they will always strive to offer the community what they want whilst offering the best service on a non-stop basis.