Nored Concerned about Structures Below Power Lines


By William J.Mbangula OSHAKATI The Chief Executive Officer of Northern Namibia Regional Electricity Distributor (Nored), Gottlieb Amanyanga, has expressed concern about the high number of structures being built below the electrical power lines in the Northern regions. Amanyanga said this at the signing ceremony of the service delivery agreement between Nored and Oshana Regional Council on Thursday. “I wish to warn that the erection of such structures will cause a high risk to personal safety, the structures themselves and the adjacent surroundings. Similarly, the structures below will obstruct the process of maintenance and repairs of line components,” said Amanyanga. He stated that the company had achieved a lot, such as the harmonization of power tariffs, maintaining competitive tariff levels, turned around loss-making towns, improved surcharge royalties payments to regional and local authorities, declarede dividends, installed 24 hours on-line vending and increased cash reserves by 27,85 per cent to N$48 million. Speaking at the same occasion, the Chief Regional Officer, John Kandombo, lauded Nored for its professional, efficient and effective manner in which it is providing electricity services within the Regional Council’s geographical area. Kandombo was further delighted that Nored continues to perform all the duties and responsibilities pertaining to the electricity distribution and supply in a competent manner and managing the company in a profitable and sustainable business-oriented manner. Incorporated in 2001, Nored came into being as a result of the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) restructuring process by the government, part of which encompasses the establishment of five REDS. Nored was the first regional electricity distributor to be established. To date, it serves more than 80 percent of the envisaged Northern RED geographical area. It was granted a 25-year operational licence by ECB with effect from 13 March, 2003, to ensure the realization of goals set out in the government’s White Paper on Energy Policy and the provisions of the Electricity Act 2000.