Specialist Debt and Equity Company Launched


By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Integrated equity and debt specialist, Bravura, is opening an office in Windhoek, where management sees a variety of opportunities both from a cross-border funding perspective as well as a domestic perspective. Executive directors, Soria Hay and Ian Matthews, started Bravura in 1999 with a view to becoming a specialized integrated debt and equity solutions provider. The firm was launched during a difficult time in the South African financial services market but survived the scourge that destroyed many other smaller institutions, emerging stronger, leaner, more nimble and more technically adept. Bravura recently released a press statement announcing the opening of its new Windhoek office, which is scheduled to take place today. The statement says the company takes a conservative approach, as the group is an owner-managed organization and aims to grow vertically by replicating its existing business model in other markets. Matthews says he is confident that the venture will be successful as Namibia’s legislative and regulatory environment is well established and managed. “We are excited about this launch, as Namibia is quickly becoming a channel for direct investment opportunities in the rest of Africa due to its location and infrastructure,” he says. Namibia’s business environment contains a large variety of multi-national investors which require effective cross-border structuring advice, which Bravura says it can deliver. “The use of expert consultants in the structuring of investments, debt and equity is quickly becoming more sought after in the Namibian environment as entities start expanding into the rest of Africa,” Matthews explains. Hennie Gous and Nickie Botha, who both graduated from Stellenbosch University and served articles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, will run the office. Gous has extensive knowledge of generally-accepted accounting practice and tax law, which the company says allows him to provide sound solutions to his clients. “Namibian businesses are having to become more competitive in the local and international markets, with cost savings and effective structuring becoming increasingly relevant,” according to Bravura. The company says Botha has a strong understanding of the unique business risks and processes in the Namibian economic environment, which Bravura feels will be advantageous to clients “Companies have the opportunity to do business in Namibia with less costs of compliance, because the regulatory environment here is not as complex as it is in the rest of the world.” According to Matthews, the team in Namibia will be able to leverage the skills and experience of the Bravura office in South Africa, “Bravura’s innovative structuring techniques will be an asset to the business climate in Namibia, and our expansion into more jurisdictions allows us to enhance our cross-border reach and experience.”