Dangerous to Apply Swapo Propaganda in Public Service


I thought New Era must have learned something after the paper had admitted and apologized for the error of publishing a tribal, anti-Kwanyama letter of one Hilaria Iyambo in its edition of July 7, 2006. The recent yellowed letter titled: “When will blacks be given credit for their achievements?” which appeared in the publication of Friday, October 20, 2006, raises more questions than answers. It is only different because it is against whites. I think the editorial pressure and the articles habitually slipping into the State-owned newspaper have become unbearable. The disciplinary measure seemed to have been a “soft touch”. The purported author who wrote in his/her official capacity as one Pineas Iilonga ya Iilonga (which Iilonga?) Ministry of Finance, Private Bag 5027, Windhoek, stated: “… Swapo must see to it that the paternalistic and egocentric behaviour being championed by some senior white officials in some government ministries, parastatals and State-owned agencies, in cohorts with some unpatriotic elements in the private sector, comes to an end if Swapo is to retain its integrity and credibility among the black electorate as the government of the people, for the people. When are black people going to start developing faith in themselves to lead this country without the help of these neo-liberal elements with questionable political backgrounds and poor academic qualifications, compared to some of our own comrades? Where is the political will to do things for the benefit of the majority? – Concerned Swapo member and civil servant since independence!” Is this purely racial language from the Pohamba government? Is this the Ministry of Finance’s voice? These words were long said in another form by Paulus Kapia. What they are reflecting is the “job-for-comrades, whites must pack and go, Swapo manifesto must be applied in Government’s office and owners (blacks) to stand up and claim from the whites what is rightfully theirs!” If we started applying a Swapo propaganda in public services, then we are heading for danger! We will just discriminate and oppress as our oppressors did. Civil servants must avoid being seen or perceived as biased, partial, corrupt, dishonest, unaccountable and lamentable to the public. We either do, or get doomed! Steven Mvula Human Rights Activist