When Will Blacks Be Given Credit for Their Achievements?


SWAPO must see to it that the paternalistic and egocentric behaviour being championed by some senior white officials in some government ministries, parastatals and State-owned agencies, in cohorts with some unpatriotic elements in the private sector, comes to an end if Swapo is to retain its integrity and credibility among the black electorate as the government of the people, by the people, for the people. For this to happen, our leaders must wake up and assume full responsibility over the affairs of their Ministries and ultimately those of this country and not allow these neo-liberal elements with questionable political backgrounds, memberships and doubtful academic qualifications to make Namibia ungovernable. The simple answer lies in our leaders to stop seeing such neo-liberal elements as the only competent people in this country and to have faith in the ability of their own comrades who sacrificed for this country when the same neo-liberal elements were enjoying the fruits of the land. We must constantly remind each other who really fought for this country and remain vigilant that our hard-won independence is not compromised by a few ill-informed Ministers and small group of neo-liberal elements who think they are free to do what they like because, in their opinion, blacks are supposed to be incompetent and too lazy to think for themselves. As someone who suffered in exile and sacrificed for this country, so that we can all live in peace and harmony, I can say it is not the same Namibia I fought for when I see how our own comrades whom we have voted into political offices are dancing to the tunes of these neo-liberal elements at the expense of their own comrades. Suddenly these neo-liberal elements are more trustworthy and more patriotic than our own comrades who fought for this country. What an irony! But Swapo cannot continue to call itself a political mass movement of mainly the poor, previously disenfranchized, dispossessed and marginalized majority if it is seen to have abandoned its responsibility to govern this country for a few neo-liberal elements with an egocentric agenda. Whose interests do such elements serve if they are not those of their own tribesmen? Why do we not see changes in the industries dominated by certain people but we see our people being harassed and arrested every day by police officers under instructions from these neo-liberal elements about taxis, liquor licences, etc? These are tactics aimed at turning blacks against blacks and to make Swapo lose credibility among the masses. When are black people going to start developing faith in themselves to lead this country without the help of these neo-liberal elements with questionable political backgrounds and poor academic qualifications, compared to some of our own comrades? Or are we like a blind person buying a car and asking someone else to drive it, not knowing where this person will go with the car? Where is the political will to do things for the benefit of the majority? Concerned SWAPO member and civil servant since independence Pineas Iilonga ya Iilonga Ministry of Finance Private Bag 5027 Windhoek