Corruption an ‘Imported Evil’ – Pohamba


WINDHOEK Corruption is not an African product, it was imported from elsewhere, particularly from those countries that brought colonialism to Africa, said Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba here. “To me, corruption is not something that was born in Africa. It is an imported product from elsewhere, particularly from those countries that have brought colonialism here. They are the mothers and fathers of corruption,” Pohamba told Xinhua. Pohamba cited Friday’s local newspapers as saying that Namibia has arrested a foreigner for corruption charges laid by his native country. “That country is not in Africa, it’s outside Africa,” said Pohamba. He admitted that Africa does have “the imported evil of corruption”. “Corruption is like a cancer that can eat up the fabric of the society, and once it does that, the people will suffer more,” added Pohamba. According to Pohamba, “corruption exists in Namibia, and Namibia is at war against corruption.” “We are working for good governance, for democracy, and for stability in our country. And we are going to win the war against corruption, because all our people are supporting what the SWAPO ( South West African People’s Organization) party government is doing,” said Pohamba. – (Xinhua)