Old Mutual Victory Marathon


By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK Reinhold Iita was crowned the Old Mutual Victory Race champion after winning the final race of 21km in Windhoek. Iita beat long-time rival, Luketz Swartbooi, and upcoming long-distance runner, Willem Rooi, to take the most prestigious award in the local marathon competition. After the race, Iita had very kind words for Swartbooi, saying that the latter had always pushed him to the limit and brought out the best in him. He said Swartbooi always encouraged him and gave him hope of running more races with the aging runner. Iita also thanked the sponsors of the event, Old Mutual, as well as his personal sponsors Marathon Sugar. The winner, who was happy with his time, said he is now preparing for the Soweto Marathon. He noted, however, that his preparation had not been the best as he was not supposed to have taken part in the race. Iita said he was supposed to leave for Liberia for work and thus did not train for eight days and was only informed on Friday that he was no longer going. Rooi, who ended third, said he was happy with his performance as he is still recovering from an injury. He said he hopes to improve more in the coming weeks as he wants to be in top form for the Soweto marathon in South Africa. The ever-improving Hilaria Johannes dominated the series and made three wins in a row in a rather mediocre time for her of 1:19:54. Beata Naigambo came second in 1:20:11, and Helena Iipinge third in 1:26:09. Age group 20-39 1. Reinhold Iita 66m 03s 2. Willem Rooi 67m 36s 3. Johannes Naitembu 67m 49s 1. Helaria Johannes 79m 54s 2. Beate Naigambo 80m 11s 3. Helena Iipinge 86m 09s Age group 40+ 1. Luketz Swartbooi 67m 11s 2. Robert de Klerk 91m 40s 3. Reinhardt Sharon 92m 14s 1. Adri Coetzee 107m 24s 2. Laurensia Elago 106m 32s 3. Maryke Bisschoff 131m 57s Age group 15-19 1.Wendilinus Amesho 72m 15s 2. Johannes Skrywer 75m 01s 3. Daniel Nghipandulwa 75m 22s 1. Grace Shimaneni 98m 58s 2. Johanna Andreas 116m 52s 3. Hulda Ndungula 143m 06s 5km Results: Age group 20-39 1. Salomo David 2. Menas Kalola 3. Simeon Shiimi 1. Selma Shiimi 2.Losaliya Nambandja 3. Dimitria Shilumbu Age group 40+ 1. S. Daniel 2. A. Mbahaama 3. Johan Oberholster 1. Romy Zwirner 2. Susan Kropp 3. Annemarie Martins Age group 15-19 1. Edward Kawanivi 2. Richard April 3. Tjirimuje Hange 1. Eveline Kangala 2. Rosaline Haushona 3. Magnaem Kuedhi Age group U-15 1. Xavier Beukes 2. Davidson Udjomrala 3. Brian Christian Age group U-15 1. Toini Shivolo 2. Rejoicer Eliaser 3. Chantelle Moller