Calling All French Speakers


Every month, the FNCC is organizing a French-speaking Wednesday. The next French-speaking Wednesday will be on October 11, at 19h30, which will take place at the CafÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚© des Arts, and is open to anyone. It is a time to meet people, have a drink and speak French in a relaxed atmosphere. On the same evening, also at the CafÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚© des Arts, the FNCC is hosting the opening of the exhibition Aladelta, Hang-Glider, running from October 11 to November 9. Eight artists from Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and South Africa get together to present their works under the title of Aladelta, Hang-Glider. Photographs, digital projections, electronic music, contemporary cuisine and drinks will be part of the opening.