Auas Motors takes the lead at the Windhoek Show when it comes to commercial vehicles! The Opel Movano, Vivaro and Combo offer exciting delivering options if you are looking for a van which is economic, functional and which will streamline your daily operations. When General Motors developed the current range of commercial vehicles, they had very clear principles in mind. The vans should be modern, innovative, functional and economical, but above all they should offer real advantages in terms of overall operating costs and efficiency. This philosophy has produced the successful Opel commercial vehicle range with the Movano, Vivaro and Combo. All designed and developed by professionals for professionals. GM’s ongoing commitment to these principles is self-evident in the current Movano. The Movano From the body work, through the cabin to the suspension and the power-train, the engineers have systematically checked, tested and reworked with a high level of excellence in mind. The result is a unique commercial vehicle: – 6-speed manual transmission – Stylish external design The first look suffices to tell you that this is a van that will actively support your corporate image. Besides the outstanding product highlights, the traditional Opel commercial values of quality, reliability, flexibility, low operating costs and a wide ranging dealer and service network remain firmly fixed. That all adds up to a powerful argument in favour of the Movano. Loading and Access The Movano offers up to 12.6 cubic metres load volume, a maximum load of approximately 1600kg, with an interior roof height of 1.91 meters: winning figures. But one can only appreciate their significance in everyday use. Time is money, so why spend more than necessary on loading and unloading? Wide opening rear doors and a 1.1 metre wide sliding door with a 180 mm headroom. The rear doors of the Movano open comfortably to 270ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚º. Behind them you will find an interior free from intrusions or inaccessible niches. Ergonomics, comfort and safety The more relaxed a person is, the better he can concentrate on delivering optimum performance. A simple truism that the Movano puts into everyday practice. There are certain principles that can never be ignored in designing the perfect commercial vehicles working environment. They include generous head, leg and shoulder room, a comprehensive, intelligent and accessible storage system and all controls within easy and comfortable reach. Add to them an adjustable driver’s seat, the ergonomically designed joystick gearshift and precise power steering and you have the essence of Movano. When braking, the Movano behave like a passenger car and achieves a new level of excellence for a heavy van in this discipline. In light of the performance many car drivers can feel a little envious. Large brake discs, combined with the first 18-inch wheels in the heavy van class, controlled by the latest generation of ABS and Opel brake assist booster, are standard features in the Movano. Other include – Driver Airbag (front passenger’s optional) – 3-point safety belts on all seats – Pyrotechnic front seatbelt pretensioning (in combination with airbags) – Front safety cell structure – Twin lens exterior mirrors Power Plants The Movano’s 2.5 CDTI (84kW) engine combines advanced technology, economy and long lasting power. The 6-speed manual transmission is an outstanding attribute in its class. The Vivaro The light commercial vehicles offering passenger car comfort with pace-setting economy and functionalism – for streamlined daily operations. Profitability in a business today calls for competence and innovation in all commercial sectors. Company vehicles form a key item on balance sheets and must be chosen with care and foresight. First class quality and reliability must be backed up by professional and deficient support services. Opel offers all this and more. The Vivaro is a flexible, all purpose light commercial vehicles with superb driving comfort, upgrading the Opel range in the important 2.8t segment. Its eye-catching design and innovative features, combined with proven Opel attributes, make it a delivery vehicle of unique distinction and serviceability. Loading and Access The Vivaro is a fresh breeze in the commercial vehicles sector – king sized ergonomic cabin, appealing dynamic design and high payload. The Vivaro’s stylish design reflects its modern qualities and highlights its owner’s business image. The exterior features conceal numerous functional benefits, whereby flexibility is the Vivaro keynote. The roomy load area incorporates many unique features; it can be fitted with dividing walls, comes with six anchor points for stabilising loads, has a smooth floor, 2 massive sliding doors (opens from the side too), recessed rear door lock and shielded rubber door sealing for damage protection. Rear window or window between cabin and loading area are optional. The Vivaro is built for flexibility and profitability. The Vivaro’s versatility is a boon for every business – easy loading and safe transport for all goods. The Vivaro’s functional diversity begins with folding rear doors. The rear doors click securely into convenient 90ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚º, 180ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚º or 250ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚º (optional) positions. The loading area is one of the lowest and widest of its class, goods, pallets, cartons, crates, bulk merchandise, etc – can be simply slid into place. And six anchor points rule out any danger of sliding payloads. For side loading, sliding doors allow the Vivaro to be accessed left or right. The side door(s) are also wide enough to accommodate Europallets. And the Vivaro’s capacity is deceptive: five cubic meters of loading space are available. Ergonomics, comfort and safety Passenger comfort and safety features now come as standard in a commercial vehicle: the Opel Vivaro defines new benchmarks. The joystick gearshift is integrated into the dashboard, making frequent changing effortless and leaving floor space for cabin walk-across and a 3rd passenger. The telescopic steering wheel can be adjusted to the optimum driving position. With eleven storage compartments – including the illuminated glove box – the Vivaro’s cab is excellently equipped to safeguard the many little items needed in a commercial vehicle – delivery papers, maps and guides. Convincing indeed is the Vivaro’s active and passive safety programme. ABS is standard. Braking features in crash test, testify to the excellence of the Vivaro’s braking technology – with two air-cooled front disks, rear disks and a brake booster, the system provides high braking performance even with heavy loads. Always the forerunner in the field of automobile safety, Opel now fits a driver front airbag in the Vivaro as standard equipment. Truly an all-round comfort and safety package to transport valuable goods to their destination safely and punctually. Power Plants The Vivaro sets a new yardstick for performance and economy in the commercial environment. The cultured diesel engine features the latest common rail technology, and innovation that delivers significant benefits on the bottom line. Lower fuel consumption is the first, achieved by harmonising the common rail with modern diesel technology. The second benefit is substantially greater torque at low revs, thus improving performance and extending engine life. Furthermore, this technology also greatly reduces noise levels and exhaust fumes. Opel has taken the initiative and now expunged smelly loud diesel engines from the commercial van sector. Alternatively a 2.0 litre petrol engine with 88 kW is available. Both engines are fitted with a 6-gear manual transmission for even greater performance and comfort. The Opel Vivaro is available at Auas Motors from N$184 000 The Opel Movano is available at Auas Motors form N$255 000