Was Accepted Tender Changed in Favour of Pirate Security Service?


I am a very deeply concerned and highly disappointed resident of Rehoboth who is grossly deprived of a legitimately and procedurally obtained tender from the Hardap Regional Council. I am self-employed as a manager of the 007 Security Service cc and provide employment for the past (3) three years in Rehoboth at public as well as private institutions. I applied for a security tender at the Hardap regional Council, and was awarded the tender to guard the Rehoboth Urban east Constituency Development Office. On Friday, 15 September 2006, I was telephonically informed by a director, Mr Uirab, who is in the employ of the Hardap Regional Council, that the tender was awarded to my company. He further indicated to me that he was trying to send (fax) the service contract to the Rehoboth Urban east Constituency office. He continued to inform me to collect the said office keys from the secretary of the CDC Office. I never received the service contract and I was refused the office keys by the secretary and the cleaner, I am not sure whether the fax machine was unplugged or what might have caused the service contract not to reach the office. I was just informed that I would be contacted as soon as Mr Uirab phoned. It was then that the honourable councillor had rushed into the office and phoned Mr Uirab whom he convinced should refuse and disapprove the tender. I later learned that the tender was shifted to a definitely pirate security service provider which I doubt is registered with the Ministry of Trade & Industry. A certain Mr James Rooinasie, a very close ally and confidante of Honourable Councillor Eduard Wambo, is apparently now in charge of guarding the Rehoboth Urban east Constituency Office. I am severely shocked and flabbergasted by the way in which an Honourable Regional Councillor, assigned to protect the interests of all constituents in a fair manner, robbed me of a legally obtained tender just to shift it to a pirate company of his interest. I deem it highly unacceptable that a guardian of the laws of our land could hijack and jeopardize my inalienable right to contend and be awarded a tender. I will leave no stone unturned until this gross injustice against me is redressed and properly addressed. I feel bullied, manipulated and humiliated and am of the opinion that the powers invested in the councillor were misused with the direct intent to create opportunities, to close buddies at the cost of a legitimate tender application. It is a highly unfair practice in the wake of corruption and must be defused with the necessary contempt it deserves. Mr Seibeb