Show Animals Impress Judges


By Kuvee Kangueehi Corridor 13 – A Simmental bull owned by Bennie Murangi was crowned as the 2006 Omaheke Regional Agricultural Show Champion. The five-year-old bull beat off strong competition from a Charlais and a white Brahman bull to win the grand prize on Saturday afternoon at Corridor 13 in the Omaheke Region. Murangi, however, was not so fortunate in the cow category and his simmental cow, which was crowned the champion at the Epukiro Show, was disqualified after the judges ruled that it did not qualify in the breed category. A local farmer, Borrie Katjiuanjo, with his Braham cow won best breed in the category. Edward Kaseraera, who was one of the top judges at the agricultural show, said he was extremely impressed with the quality of animals the farmers brought to the show. Kaseraera who has been a judge at the regional shows for the past five years noted that every year the quality and standard are improving. “Every year it is becoming more difficult to select the winner because the farmers are working very hard to improve their animals.” The judge was also impressed with the preparation of the animals. Kaseraera said the Epukiro Constituency was the best performer and their Brahman, Simmental and Charlios were impressive. He added that Aminuis, which traditionally dominated the shows in the past, came in the second spot while farmers from Eiseb surprised everybody with the quality and number of animals they presented. The farmers from Otjinene and Otjombinde had to settle for fourth and fifth places respectively. Kaseraera, who is an agricultural extension officer, added that despite the show having been on and then called off, it eventually went ahead and ran smoothly. He noted that the only problem some farmers experienced was the lack of drinking water for their animals and the late arrival of some animals. Meanwhile, the president of the Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU), Manfred Rukoro, has called on the members of the show organizing committee to put their personal interests aside and work towards the benefit of the farmers they represent. Rukoro said selfish leaders who do not represent the interests of the farmers led to the withdrawal of the sponsoring consortium. “It appears that the organizers wanted to take the regional show to their place of origin, and that is why the show ultimately could not be held.” Rukoro dismissed suggestions that the NNFU teamed up with the consortium to deny the Omaheke Regional Show sponsorship. The president said the NNFU only acts as a facilitator between the consortium and the farmers’ unions and does not make a single decision when it comes to sponsorships. He noted, however, that the farmers should be aware that the consortium are business companies and have their own interests as well. “The consortium companies need mileage during these events and should be given enough time to prepare themselves.”