Learners Win Essay Contest


OMARURU Two youths in Omaruru were recently awarded bicycles as prizes in an Essay Contest sponsored by the Omaruru Rough Ride and judged by the Omaruru Branch of the NCCI. Gerduan Rossouw and Frans Tumuna were awarded the two bicycles donated by Bicycle Empowerment Namibia (BEN) to the Omaruru Rough Ride. The Omaruru Branch of NCCI was asked by the Rough Ride organizers to find a way to distribute the bicycles donated to worthy youth in Omaruru between 13 and 18 years of age. Entry forms with the rules were created, and each entrant wrote their essay with no personal references in the content. One chamber member accepted the essays and put a number on each entry form and on each essay. Five judges from the membership of NCCI were then tasked to grade the essays based entirely upon their content. No judges knew whose essay they were judging. At the end, two essays were within one point per judge of the same score, and the NCCI felt they were too outstanding to judge. The donor was contacted and sent both essays. He also felt the two essays were too good to choose one, and so donated another bicycle as second prize to the second outstanding essay.