Why Was Opuwo’s Mayor Absent?


By Michael Liswaniso OPUWO The Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Angelika Muharukua, has strongly condemned the absence of the Mayor of Opuwo, Peter de Villiers, from the recent official celebration of the 19th International Ozone Day which was hosted by the town last Saturday. Delivering the vote of thanks after the keynote address by the Founding Father of the Nation, Dr Sam Nujoma, Muharukua condemned the mayor’s absence. “If the elected leader is not present here at this important occasion, who is going to send out the message?” she asked, urging leaders to take official events seriously in their towns. “If the regional governor from as far as the Caprivi in outskirts of the massive Zambezi River flanking Zambia and Namibia, Hardap and even Oshikoto as well as other invited guests could make it to this official celebration, what about Opuwo’s mayor who lives in the host town? “We say we want developments in our regions and respective towns, but when it comes to crucial events that bring us together to share different developmental issues and challenges, we do not turn up, so how do we expect development to come with this state of affairs?” During her vote of thanks, Muharukua said: “Let me use this platform to express thanks and appreciation to the founding President for joining us in Opuwo for this remarkable day.” She noted that it was not surprising that Nujoma delivered the keynote address, given the fact that environmental issues are at his heart. The end of this month would mark De Villiers’ third month in office. He was sworn in on June 9 this year. Sources at the town claim that the mayor’s day is always hectic, filled with church agendas and other personal business. It is alleged that he is always in Angola where it is said he owns a few business outlets. Besides being a pastor and the head of a youth church in Opuwo, he also owns and runs the sole “Good News Internet CafÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚©” in the town. The acting chief executive officer of the Opuwo Town Council, Eberhardt Kaitjindi, confirmed to New Era that De Villiers was presently in Germany on a church-related mission. De Villiers took over the mayoral office from Uaurikua Kakuva, a school principal at a primary school in Opuwo.