Truthful Info Needed for Successful Survey


By Ester Paulus TSUMEB Tsumeb’s Regional Councillor, Lebbius Tangeni Tobias, on behalf of the Oshikoto Regional Governor, on Monday officially opened a one-day sensitization workshop on the ‘2006 Namibia Inter-Censal Demographic Survey (NIDS)’ in Tsumeb. The workshop aimed at sensitizing all the Oshikoto Regional leaders and stakeholders on survey undertakings. It is an effort to ensure that all stakeholders are able to use the survey results with confidence and understanding organized by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of the National Planning Commission (NPC). According to Tobias, for people to effectively plan and efficiently deliver services, they need statistical information as a guide. “Statistics information is needed to emphasize and identify areas that need intervention. It also assists us to prioritize so that we realize our development objectives within limited resources”. Population and Housing census are conducted every ten years, and the next will take place in 2011. This year’s data collection activities will take place during October and November. Tobias noted that the survey will update information gathered during the 2001 Population and Housing Census. It will be useful particularly in measuring trends for fertility, mortality, migration and estimation of population, access to basic necessities, unemployment and in the formulation of development plans similar to National Development Plan 3 (NDP3) and Vision 2030 implementation strategy. Tobias said the survey would not rule out the evaluation of the performance of the NDP2, HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan and the Millennium Development Goals. He also urged people to provide factual information, assuring them of tight confidentiality. “The Statistics Act No. 66 of 1976 assures confidentiality of information collected, and it is against this background that I wish to call upon you to provide truthful information in order for us to make our survey a success”. Meanwhile, Oshikoto Chief Regional Officer Tshikarepo Andjamba emphasized that the survey was essential for planning purposes. “In order to render services to our citizens, we need to know exactly for how many people we are to render such services”. The objectives of the workshop were to sensitize all households about the coming survey, to seek support from political, community and heads of departments and to share expected results from the survey in advance. In winding up the workshop, Andjamba urged all participants to go out and spread the message about the upcoming survey to ensure that the quality of this year’s data is good. ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚ “Now that we understand the essence of statistics, it is our duty to go back and preach the gospel to various houses and other stakeholders so that the quality of the data collected is close to the truth as much as possible.” The workshop was attended by the region’s planners from various sectors, Oshikoto Regional Councillors, representatives from line ministries and private companies.

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