We Were Oh So Close!


By Surihe Gaomas and Francis Tsawayo WINDHOEK With the attempt to eclipse the World’s Biggest Braai record held by Australia, Namibians have shown an overwhelming patriotic spirit of continuously rallying behind a big occasion with a common cause. In the spirit of togetherness, government officials commended Namibians for their effort. Echoing this sentiment, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Theo-Ben Gurirab, who attended the Big Braai on Saturday, said it was admirable to see how Namibians had responded positively to a worthy cause. “We managed to come close to the big number, and that is still a victory. It gives us (leaders) the indication that the nation can also respond (collectively) to rescue a crisis if need be,” explained Dr Gurirab. At the same time, Prime Minister Nahas Angula, who was also present at the event, said economically the braai showed Namibia’s good investment in quality beef. “We are proud that the meat we are enjoying here is organic and free of cholesterol,” said the Premier, urging local farmers to continuously do their best by increasing their livestock numbers. Thus, what made the event significant was that it succeeded in bringing all different ethnic groups together for a fun-filled event. Midway during the joyous occasion, Minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr Albert Kawana, officially declared the first record-breaking attempt of the World’s Biggest Braai on, when he delivered the opening address on behalf of President Hifikepunye Pohamba on Saturday morning. Kawana described the significance of the event as catapulting the country on the world map, further promoting the tourism sector, and that the novel and interesting event would promote speculation around the country, thus spreading the peace and stability which the country enjoys. In addition, Kawana elaborated that the exercise was not an end in itself, but rather a marketing tool to promote the country regionally and internationally. Apart from enabling Namibians from different backgrounds to come together in an informal manner and enjoy a beautiful day, Kawana pointed out that the event served to promote the country’s agricultural sector, particularly the meat production sector which has since produced quality meat products through an organic manner. Kawana noted that the president was pleased to learn that the attempt also represented the generosity of the Namibian people in the sense that various charities had been identified to benefit from the proceeds of the event. ” While people gather here to enjoy and have fun, they are at the same time making a valuable contribution to the well-being of the less fortunate in our society”. Kawana went on to deliberate on the cooperation between organizations, noting that their role was important when they made the dream and shared the same dream – the dream of making a difference in the country and being part of nation-building. The World’s Biggest Braai was further marked by the presence of the Founding Father of the Nation, Dr Sam Nujoma, who came to take his sausage roll and cooldrink after which he received his Certificate of Attendance numbered as the 2 215th person to have taken part in the braai.