Artists Are Spiritual Warriors


By Francis Tsawayo WINDHOEK The University of Namibia Visual Arts Faculty is showcasing its talent at a tri-exhibition currently running to display the art works of three final year students. The exhibition comprises of a blend of mixed medias, influenced by three themes that portray the individuality of each artist. The tri-exhibition has been organized by second year students as part of their curriculum requirements and will be on until this Sunday.. Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, the curator of the Namibia National Art Gallery Kay Cowley noted that students now had more relevant options to choose from, which is an admirable result of commitment to the arts. “Commitment assures success,” Kay Cowley said. Cowley described the artists as spiritual warriors due to their capabilities to give physical manifestation to the spiritual world, which she believes is not only a great honour to the artist but also a great responsibility. Citing a conversation from the book ‘Belonging to the Universe’, by Fritjof Capra, between Castaned and David Steidl- Rasta, Cowley elaborated on the values that are attributed to being an artist through mindfulness and the link between aesthetic and ascetic. Cowley said that ascetism was all about being mindful and grateful, a moment artists find themselves when the present becomes eternal, when they create at their best. Speaking on the power of art for the exhibitors, Cowley said that God created people in his own image, hence they have the ability to create but should mind what they manifest. ” We live in an age of changing consciousness which is moving rapidly with globalization. We have access to accelerated rates of re-inventing ourselves and the world around us, we all make a difference in sharing our way of seeing. Through our way of seeing, we enrich our lives and those around us and they in turn enrich our lives and ways of seeing,” concluded Cowley.