Politician Lashes Out At Separatists


By Chrispin Inambao WINDHOEK Politician Felix Mukupi, says recent Heroes Day celebrations attended by President Hifikepunye Pohamba and several Cabinet ministers at Katima Mulilo, have dealt a telling blow to the body of individuals with secessionist ambitions. The commemorations further enabled villagers to see the President for the first time. Speaking recently to New Era, the ruling Swapo Party politician urged all patriotic Namibians to speak out strongly against minority remnants of the secessionist cause. He says the 2006 Heroes Day commemorations held at the town – scene of the short-lived August 2 secessionist uprising crushed by security forces – is a clear indication Namibia is a secular, democratic and unitary State, which includes the Caprivi. He said the event was a success and that it will send a loud and clear message to individuals who stubbornly still persist with secessionism even misleading and confusing illiterate villagers about the scheme that he says enjoys insignificant support. In a veiled reference to Crispin Matongo, who recently made waves when he openly expressed support to take over the secessionism banner by reviving the moribund United Democratic Party (UDP), he said, “elderly citizens should not confuse other people.” “Some of these opportunistic individuals failed in Government and it is advisable that they go into farming instead of reviving nonsensical political parties,” the Sibbinda Councillor said in obvious reference to Matongo who was part of the internal Swapo leadership during the liberation struggle and was the first Commissioner of Prisons. He said individuals involved in plans to revive UDP, a former DTA-affiliate until 1999, when it broke away from the alliance because of its secessionist ambitions, are only interested in bolstering their financial fortunes widely believed to have nose-dived. Mukupi says what Caprivi needs the most is development that would in turn stimulate job-creation for the region’s economic well-being. He suggested one way to develop the region would be to fix the gravel road linking Katima to Linyanti previously a hotbed of secessionist activities because exiled former opposition leader, Mishake Muyongo, and the majority of diehard followers originate from there. Last week, the Deputy Information and Broadcasting Minister, Raphael Dinyando, issued a stern warning in which he strongly advised those with secessionist ambitious to desist from these activities which have the potential of undermining the present constitutional order. Mukupi says tarring the Linyanti/Katima road should receive priority because that area, inhabited by three chiefs, namely: Chief George Simasiku Mamili (Chinchimani), Chief Boniface Sifu (Sangwali) and Tembwe Mayuni at Choi, serves as a tourism route. If this road is tarred, such upgrading, says the businessman-cum-politician, will reduce the high number of road accidents in that area. He further said that although the recent commissioning of the Katima/Kongola Pipeline is a step in the right direction, there is also an urgent need for another pipeline to be constructed from Katima to Kongola so that the inhabitants of this area can also benefit. Villagers at Sibbinda say that present-generation boreholes are mainly disused because they have either dried up or are grounded for mechanical reasons. With regard to the installation of modern telecommunications infrastructure, the politician says MTC will activate a tower for mobile phones to cater for Sachinga and Sibbinda before the year-end.

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