Taxi Driver Shot at Unam


A taxi driver operating yesterday on the Unam route, almost got a bullet in his abdomen when a security guard at the institution fired a shotgun at him. According to an eyewitness the taxi driver, whose name could not be established, was negotiating with customers, as they usually do, to transport them to their desired destinations when the security guard locked the two front tyres of his taxi. When the driver asked the security guard to unlock the tyres, he refused, which led to the driver going through the pockets of the security guard. He managed to snatch the keys, and unlocked his taxi. The guard apparently locked the tyres a second time and punched the taxi driver who fought back. The guard ran into his office from where he took a shotgun and fired one shot at the driver. The eyewitness added that the security guard aimed for the driver’s abdomen, but the latter was lucky to have had his hand on his stomach which prevented the small bullet from penetrating the abdomen. Paramedics took the victim to hospital, and the security guard was arrested.