Arts School Forges Ahead


By Frederick Philander REHOBOTH Despite the fact that the Rehoboth School of Arts has lost two artistic disciplines over the last couple of months, the rural art school is doing well. This assurance was given by artist Andrew van Wyk, who heads the satellite institution of the College of the Arts since its inception a few years ago. “I have a big concern about the thirty or so piano students now without a tutor due to the fact that the piano instructor was ‘taken away’ because apparently full-time government employees are not allowed to do part-time jobs,” said a rather disappointed Andrew van Wyk in an Art/Life interview last week. Since last year, his institution also had to make do without a performing arts tutor after Severius Majiedt left for further studies at the University of Namibia. “The visual arts discipline is growing in strength by the day, so much so that presently we have a student exhibition in our gallery displaying their wonderful works. This gives me hope for the artistic future of the school as well as the community in the town,” Van Wyk, who is preparing for yet another solo exhibition in Germany for next year, said.

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