Unam Student Aborts Baby


By Petronella Sibeene WINDHOEK A third-year science student at the University of Namibia (Unam) a week ago aborted and dumped a foetus in the ablution room to enhance her chances of traveling to Cuba where she secured a scholarship. The 20-year-old Biology student is believed to have drunk a strong concoction that resulted in a backyard abortion of the advanced pregnancy. Sources revealed the student recently received news that she was granted a bursary to go and study in Cuba but one of the requirements for applicants was to be subjected to a pregnancy test and her pregnancy was advanced. Around 10h00 on Tuesday, one of the cleaners in I-Block hostels discovered the foetus as she was carrying out her daily routine of cleaning. She discovered a black plastic bag dripping with blood and other bodily secretions. The black plastic bag in which the foetus was wrapped was dumped in a bin where female students usually dispose of their sanitary towels. Upon summoning one of the students to confirm her find, to the pair’s horror they discovered it was a freshly aborted lifeless foetus. As more students anxiously flocked inside the toilet block, the suspect apparently also joined the crowd and queried what had happened. The source revealed that the suspect walked back to her room and after a few minutes returned to the scene. In a few minutes she returned to her room for the second time and after locking herself up for some minutes, she went back where the crowd of students was gathered. She then walked to the Housing Committee for I-Block and revealed she was responsible for the termination and dumping. The suspect was taken to the Windhoek Central Hospital for a check up, as she looked weak. Ward Secretary for the Windhoek Central Hospital Ileni Hausiku confirmed yesterday that the suspect was discharged last week Thursday. Efforts to obtain more information on the matter from the police proved fruitless. It could also not be established if Unam will allow the suspect to continue with her studies considering her abortion.