Omaheke Young Makes Musical Inroads


By Frederick Philander Windhoek A beauty pageant and a youth camping excursion are two of the activities of the newly established Omaheke Regional Catholic Youth Choir next month – parts of a busy programme of the organization for the rest of the year. This was said by the founding member of the youth body, Base Mbaha, in a New Era interview this week. He invited the youth of the Omaheke Region to join hands with him and his executive committee. “The Omaheke Regional Choir currently consists of 76 members from different organizations in the region. We work with the youth and teach them Christian norms for justice, peace and integrity. The programme is aimed at social upliftment of the youth in the region,” Base Mbaha said. The choir focuses on youth activities such as beauty pageants, sport, fundraising events, singing and dancing and traditional cultures. “We also teach young people to set up their own sustainable small businesses to help improve the living standards of the youth as well as assist other smaller choirs,” he said. A tour to the south of the country is also planned for December this year. “We hope that through this tour we will bring our region’s youth in closer contact with their counterparts in the south and to learn from each other. It is our intention to broaden our base at Gobabis and expand our activities to other parts of the country,” said Base confidently about the future of the choir.