Wants Klein Aub School Investigated


Open Letter on Klein Aub Special School Allow me a space in your esteemed newspaper. I want to put to the attention of the fellow citizens the daily life experiences at the aforementioned special school. Realistically, I was born blind as far as special education is concerned, but honestly put, the professional training I got made me the most, if not the first to understand special education, hence love it. Special education is an education that is primarily designed to cater for children with special needs or environmental challenges. These could be impairments like sensory, mental, educationally neglected, neuropsychological, developmental delay, psychological, multiple impairments, and emotional and behavioural problems. In the same vein, the special school to which I am much referring to caters for learners who are mostly with multiple impairments that I have outlined above. I hope this will now drive you to consult more documents on this branch of education. To my professional understanding, special schools/classes including teaching personnel are supposed to adhere to the integrity of learners, and be caring and sympathetic to the environmental challenges of these learners. However, I don’t blame the situation that we don’t have qualified personnel, but I blame the way how the school is managed by the principal since 2003 up to date – to say the least teachers and learners are messed up. What shocked the engine of my professionalism are simply the ways in which poor learners with special education needs are treated by the principal, institutional workers and their “holy cow” teachers. Shamefully, the poor learners have already been unwillingly, environmentally, socially and academically challenged. Yet, they are being shouted at and blamed based on environmental challenges beyond their human control. The poor special learners don’t even have the single right to question, deny or seek clarification of facts and opinions. Why not help the poor learners to realize their future collectively as a nation, especially at Klein Aub Special School? To my understanding, these teaching-learning obstacles have been there since 2003 to date. Teachers except “holy cow” teachers are frequently frustrated throughout from 2003 up to date. What is the use of having this school if the teaching-learning process is always mixed up with social issues? How can one expect teachers to deliver if she/he is frustrated all the time? Teachers have been crying since 2003 until now. The HoD of the school has been sidelined as incapable. Most learners left this school due to reasons only known to the principal and some of them left the school simply because of the school’s environment. The school board is totally controlled by the principal and she can even suspend the school board members (parents and teachers corps). What special provision guaranteed the principal of Klein Aub Special School the right to act as such? All these matters were addressed to the school board, the inspector, the director and other senior education officials in the ministry, yet the situation is getting worse. Are we really caring for the poor learners with special education needs in this country? Both the school board and teachers have no insight into the finances of the school. Are all the schools doing the same or is it only the privileged Klein Aub Special? Again, if any teacher or a learner just differs with the principal, what follows is always an unprocedural warning letter or signing (learners). Even if a teacher positively criticises the action of the principal, then you are undermining the authority. I think the government should not force an individual to serve the interests of the society if they are not ready, please! The situation at this school reminds me of the bitter times before the year 1990. Teachers on probation or temporary service are the daily victims of circumstances – “the principal is to make the final recommendation for permanent appointment.” Is this not a pure form of discrimination fellow citizens? Another deadly disease at this school is the favouritism of some “hole cow” teachers. Can the public please hear our suffering exclamations since we have already exhausted all the potential stakeholders, and to the benefits of the poor young generation with academic challenges? Finally, I would like to invite an urgent investigation at this school. Concerned Teachers Klein Aub Special School