TransNamib Puts Record Straight on Gibeon


The story which appeared in your esteemed newspaper on Tuesday, 1 August 2006, titled ‘Facelift for Gibeon Station’ has reference. It is usually not our policy to react to an incorrect statement made by a member of the public. However, due to the fact that the statements as either made by Mr Bessinger or as quoted in your esteemed newspaper are totally incorrect, we have no option but to put the record straight in the interest of the general public, as follows: 1)ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚ Whilst we do have an understanding for Mr Bessinger?s passion to do something about tourism development in Gibeon, the truth is that TransNamib never entered into any agreement or afforded anyone an exclusive right, including Mr Bessinger to develop and transfer Gibeon station into ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚ a tourism and cultural centre. In fact, this is simply not possible without proper tender procedures having been complied with. 2) TransNamib only entered into a lease agreement with Mr Bessinger on the 12th of June 2006 for the leasing of a portion of our immovable properties at Gibeon. According to the agreement, Mr Bessinger is supposed to lease approximately 30 square meters of our immovable properties at Gideon station for a period of three years, for the purpose of a craft centre only and the property may not be utilized for any other purposes not related thereto. Thus a correction in your esteemed newspaper will be highly appreciated. Kind regards Brian Black General Manager: Sales and Marketing TransNamib