Problems at Helao Nafidi


We are very unhappy with His Worship the Mayor of Helao Nafidi and Mr Shivolo’s statements to the press relating to the problems currently experienced by Northland because they (both) are at the root of these problems. As the authorities investigating the matter will establish, the Town Council of Helao Nafidi led by its CEO Mr Shivolo and the mayor (whom we believe is being manipulated by Shivolo) are chiefly responsible for the Northland City’s dreams near death (we do not believe that other councillors in Helao Nafidi are aware of these two’s deeds as we have factually established that they keep some councillors out of the loop). The town council’s actions and inactions are the main reasons the Northland City development may not become a reality and the cause of millions of Namibian dollars in losses. Had the town council kept its nose out of Northland’s internal affairs and had they then given the money to compensate the seven people located on the phase on site, paid them and relocated them as agreed in our MoU, things would be moving, our engineers would not have been attacked by the people on the site. The town CEO Mr Shivolo’s attempts to interfere in Northland’s internal affairs led to this situation. The Town’s CEO, Mr Shivolo and the town council are not shareholders of Northland nor do they hold a seat on the board of directors of Northland and yet they want to dictate to us on who should be on our board of directors and management. Mr Shivolo questions the lack of Namibians on the board of directors: why? It is not his place to question the number of Namibians in our company’s management and this has never been an issue in the past nor was it a requirement in the MoU signed with the town. Why doesn’t Mr Shivolo question the lack of financial participation from Namibians in the project? Why are Kaukungua and Shivolo attacking foreigners, who have made Namibia their home, contributing to economic development and innovation, who have Namibian children and are committed to this country as any other Namibian? These individuals have been trying to shift the light away from the real reasons for their dismissal from the board (incompetence) and are trying to make it a Namibian versus American, foreigner and even a political issue. We do not belong to the HH camp nor the Nujoma camp or any other camp – in fact we do not belong to the SWAPO party and do not vote. We are just business people trying to make money while contributing to the Namibian economy but instead have been and are still victims of abuse by people entrusted with authority. Thank God Namibia is under the rule of law with a government willing to enforce the law and an independent judiciary – Northland will get reparations. Northland Development Project