Annual Music Concert on Today


The annual music concert for senior students at the College of the Arts takes place this afternoon at 18h00, it was announced in a press release from the institution. “Each year we choose our very best senior students to perform. Students have to pass a rigorous audition to be accepted. This particular concert will feature items for voice, piano, classical guitar, cello, recorder and violin,” said the deputy head of the College of the Arts, Ashley Zolkov. He stated that of particular interest are nine songs for voice, voice duo and voice trio. “Since the appointment of Hermien Coetzee as singing lecturer, voice training is flourishing at the College of the Arts. Today’s concert will also feature two items by the youth choir, directed by Fani Dorfling. The variety of instruments on offer highlights the extent of young talent in Namibia. All the soloists are incredibly gifted young musicians,” Ashley said. Concert tickets are available at the door.