Ohangwena Focuses on Growth


William J. Mbangula Eenhana Ohangwena Regional Governor Usko Nghaamwa has called for undivided commitment and support for the implementation of rural development strategies. Speaking at the official opening of the regional rural development conference at Eenhana Multipurpose Youth Centre on Monday, Nghaamwa urged participants to come up with sustainable and effective rural development strategies which will benefit all citizens. “Therefore, this regional conference on rural development is aimed at bringing together all stakeholders in the region to render workable rural development strategies compatible to specific regional realities, values, norms, demands and opportunities. A sustainable and effective regional development strategy requires a bottom-up approach and should be owned by the rural people themselves. Its effective implementation is based on the premises of sound people, public and private partnership to succeed,” he said. According to the governor who is leading one of the most under-developed regions in Namibia, rural development should be all about the efficient delivery of good and quality education, health, rural roads, potable water, rural electrification, community development infrastructure and decent housing among many others. “Rural development is cross-sectoral and covers various issues that cannot be dealt with in isolation. Therefore, it is necessary to have closer linkages among institutions that are involved, so that our efforts are well coordinated and complementary. This implies that what we have started today can only be successful if all of us remain united with a collective contribution.” The conference, which will end on Friday, August 4, is being held under the theme: “Enhancing and contributing to the sustainable plan for the upliftment of the quality of life and economy of the rural population in line with Vision 2030”. It is being attended by participants from the line ministry, local authorities, civic societies and traditional leaders.