Homebrewed Satirical Character on Stage


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Stand aside Leon Schuster, Evita Bezuidenhout, Martin Laurence, Rosy September and others for the real thing in comedy impersonation – Aunty Sousa, a female character that focuses on the plight of Namibian domestics in a satirical manner. The man behind this growing popular character in our midst is none other than Joe Basson, a musician and a full time television production officer at the National Broadcasting Corporation of Namibia (NBC) “I am in the creative process of stabilizing the character to get it going on a more consistent manner within the limits of the problems domestics daily face. I primarily experimented in domestic issues such as low salaries, better working conditions and negative perceptions of the public towards domestics, who in my view deserve a place in the sun,” Basson said. He created the character some time ago on stage whilst performing with musicians such as Gazza. “I introduced Auntie Sousa to the Namibian public last year and continued doing the show as part of Gazza’s tour to seven African countries earlier this year. The audiences just loved the character and basically asked for more. I combine the act with music to promote what is essentially known as home music. I decided on this because presently there is an over-emphasis on Kwaito music in the country,” he said. Joe, born in Karasburg, is currently working on a 30-minute solo show that he intends bringing into the Windhoek nightclub equation for better entertainment. “I have no difficulty in changing into character on stage and during musical performances. It has started to come naturally and I intend to broaden the character’s scope in content and performance,” said Basson, alias Antie Sousa.