Date Set for Late Chief’s Burial


By Staff Reporter Windhoek The late Herero chief for the Otjozondjupa region, David Tuvahi Kambazembi, will be buried at his ancestral burial grounds at the foot of Waterberg Mountain on Saturday July 29, 2006. Benastus Kandundu, chairperson of the organising committee for the funeral, confirmed the date yesterday. The funeral was delayed because relatives and followers of the late chief from Botswana needed to be accommodated. The people from Botswana requested a delay in order to allow them time to make the necessary travel arrangements. Kandundu was not able to confirm the date on which Chief Kambazembi’s remains would be returned to Namibia, as the necessary arrangements were still being made. When the late chief’s remains are brought back to Namibia, they will first be taken to his holy fire at his homestead in Eiseb Block on Tuesday, July 25. After the required traditional rituals are completed at Eiseb Block, the remains of the late chief will be taken to his seat of office at Onguatjindu village, Okakarara on July 26. The late chief will then be taken to his final resting place at the Kambazembi cemetery at Waterberg Mountain on the morning of July 29, 2006. The organising committee has meanwhile launched a fund-raising drive to ensure that sufficient funds are available to give the late chief a burial befitting his office. The committee estimates the total budget required for the funeral at N$150 000, including repatriation of the remains from South Africa.

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