Three Charged for Stock Theft


By Francis Tsawayo WINDHOEK Two days ago members of a cattle-rustling gang, who caused substantial stock losses to commercial farmers, appeared before the Otjiwarongo magistrate’s court. The two were charged with stock theft, said Inspector Marais from the Otjiwarongo Police Station. The suspects are Lowrens Aebeb (35), Lazarus Doeseb (47) and Hosea Heibeb. Magistrate A.N. Mutilitha postponed the case to September 20 to enable the police to complete their investigations. In the meantime, the two were told they could enlist the services of a lawyer. The three are alleged to have been operating a syndicate involved in cattle rustling in the Otjiwarongo district and surrounding areas. During the last three months, the rate of stock theft escalated, Regional Commander Levi Rechter said last week. Employing surprise tactics and mobile roadblocks with the help of local farmers, the police set up a roadblock along the Outjo-Otjiwarongo highway. The operation yielded the arrest of one suspect while two others disappeared into the darkness. In the vehicle, the police found incriminating evidence consisting of a .22 rifle, a 303, a spotlight, carving knives and ropes. It was also discovered that on the same night, the gang allegedly butchered two of Pete Krone’s cattle on Acacia Farm. Many farmers in that area have incurred huge stock losses. One farmer also lost several prized bulls on a single night while his neighbour suffered a similar fate some three weeks ago. Though the case has been postponed, the magistrate ordered the three to remain in police custody until their next court appearance.

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