Team Namibia Launches Club


By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK In an effort to popularise the slogan “Be Namibian, Buy Namibian”, Team Namibia launched its Goodwill Ambassadors Club in Windhoek yesterday. The latest initiative is part of Team Namibia’s efforts to create pride and build on the organisation’s credibility to actively mobilise more Namibians from all walks of life to support local brands. President Hifikepunye Pohamba has been recruited as first Goodwill Ambassador for the new club, followed by well-known Namibian singer Sonia Nel whose stage name is Nianell and former Miss Namibia title-holder Michelle Heitha-Pokolo. Officially launching the Goodwill Ambassadors Club, the Chairman of Team Namibia Tarah Shaanika said the initiative was established as an additional membership category mainly for Namibians in influential positions in the country. “The club membership is exclusively for individuals with stature and whose stature can equip the organisation in further developing pride in all things that are Namibian,” he said. Such members should be influential and “willing to plough back into the country through the use of their platforms and influence”, he explained. Besides the first three goodwill ambassadors recruited so far, other notable personalities are previous Miss Namibia title-holders like Adele Basson and Patricia Burt, while businessman Eliakim Shiimi has also joined the club. Goodwill ambassadors are being recruited from different sectors of the economy that include business, arts, crafts, science and music. The main criteria used for recruitment are based on having been exemplary ambassadors for the country, positive role models for all Namibians especially the youth, influential and well-spoken and willingness and preparedness to be ambassadors for the Team Namibia campaign by living the Team Namibia brand at all times. All goodwill ambassadors should be granted honorary membership by Team Namibia’s Board of Directors. At the launch Nianell and Michelle Heitha-Pokolo were given honorary certificates of membership. “In short, Team Namibia requires ambassadors to act in good faith as promoters of the Team Namibia message and ‘live’ the Team Namibia brands,” said Shaanika. He encouraged all Namibians to rally behind the Team Namibia ambassadors as they strive to build credibility for Namibian products and services. “Increased consumption of our own products and services, be it in the domestic or foreign markets will result in increased local production, job creation and economic growth,” said Shaanika who appealed to fellow Namibians to support the initiative. Speaking at the same occasion, Goodwill Ambassador Nianell said as a Namibian born in Omaruru, she is proud of what she has achieved at home and is more than willing to plough back into her country. “Namibia has done so much for me and I am happy to give something back. Namibians are capable of greatness at home and abroad and by supporting Team Namibia we support a shared vision of prosperity, greatness and a voice on the global stage,” said Nianell.

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