Czech Charity Aids Triplets


By Anna Ingwafa WINDHOEK Hope, Faith and Given, the Aquarian triplets born on January 31 at the state hospital at Keetmanshoop in the Karas Region became recent beneficiaries of cash given by the Czech charity, ‘People In Need Foundation’. Their mother is Josephine Kooper, who previously gave birth to twins that unfortunately died due to malnutrition. Kooper’s aunt was afraid a similar fate awaited the triplets as her family at KoÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚«s was unable to provide for her and approached the Czech charity. Katerina Kasova-Verchusa, a country representative and member of the People in Need Foundation contacted the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare to find out whether Kooper would qualify for a grant. “We find out there were no any grants available to support the triplets,” she said. As the charity did not have enough funds for long-term support for her and money to buy milk for the babies, they initiated a fundraising campaign and approached the public. The aim of the campaign was to raise money to support Kooper and her boys and to ensure the mother and her offspring would get the right nutrition and care. The foundation managed to place piggy banks for donations mainly in shops in Keetmanshoop and opened a bank account through which over N$3 000 was generated. It also managed to get some donations from Denmark and the Czech Republic. Karas Regional Council donated N$500, mattresses and three blankets for the babies. The campaign also supported the mother by assisting in the process of getting a disability grant and getting the necessary documents. “People in Need will provide the triplets with the baby milk formula, toiletries and other necessities for the triplets, until the donated money is finished, ” explained Kasova-Verchusa. The charity will try to employ Kooper on one of its projects involved in producing hand-crafted products such as toys, embroidered bags, beads and ostrich shell jewellery being produced by disadvantaged people from Keetmanshoop. It will also see that the triplets are registered at a kindergarten operated by People in Need at the Community Wake Center for children of People in Need staff. However, Kooper is not able to take full care of her triplets and the costs of the maintenance of the babies exceed her income. The triplets are currently said to be in good health. However, their wellbeing is fully depended on external support. Kasova-Verchusa has appealed for more donations for the wellbeing of the triplets.

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