Crime Rate Concerns Church


By Francis Tsawayo WINDHOEK The Council of Churches of Namibia (CCN)’s Reverend Strydom described as disappointing the current social and moral situation whereby the number of violent crime and rape cases has increased. According to Strydom, “It is disappointing for a Christian society that should be characterised by love, compassion, caring, respect and looking out for one another, Namibia is the opposite.” Though Strydom would not give an in-depth comment on the issue, he said the CCN is seriously working with interested parties to look into a moral framework of society in order to draw up firm suggestions to an issue he described as “very serious”. He also urged all the people and churches to come together and tackle these issues. A date may not have been given when CCN will make its suggestions but it pledged to address members of society on the violence being perpetrated. Commenting on the same issue Rev. Ngeno Nakamhela, of Namibia Man for Change, described the violence in our society as a prevalence of social evils. “When people do not find satisfaction, they feel their needs are not being attended to and they choose the wrong ways to draw attention,” said Nakamhela. He added: “We need to pay attention to one another in our families and our needs.” “If we ask the youth and people in society, they have role models and people they would want to be identified and associated with. If there is no work, people cannot reach that platform, their needs would not be satisfied,” he explained. “As people we need to look at how to deal and share what we have. If people’s needs cannot be satisfied, efforts should be visible,” he added. He warned people not to use Christianity and colonialism as excuses. “Let us be religious. I emphasise biblical teachings to overcome the belief that it is a European teaching, the Bible is a source of wisdom and God has put it forward to people in many languages so that they have access to a moral way of life. It’s time we start to respect not reject,” he concluded.

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