TV Company Promises Dramatic Change


By Lesley-Anne van Wyk WINDHOEK “It’s going to be a revolution!” This is how Lucky Masabane, the Group Chief Executive of the Galaxy Communications Board of Directors, described the newest addition in the home-based entertainment and multi-media sector of Namibia. The board of directors of Galaxy Communications was announced on Thursday night at a casual dinner in Windhoek. Described as the “A-Team” by Hermanus Kasper, the Executive Group Chairman, the following other board members were introduced as independent external directors: Ambassador Monica Nashandi, Godfrey /Gaoseb, Andima Toivo ya Toivo and Dr Ben Mulongeni. /Gaoseb was described by Kasper as a “financial engineer” who has a lot to bring to the table. He was also the World Bank Director for Africa for the past five years. And of course, Mulongeni has many years experience in broadcasting being a former CEO of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation. Nashandi has much to offer the company with her extensive global travels and experiences. “This team” continued Kasper, “presents a balance of youthful vigor and the wisdom presented by age.” He went on to say that the group has the collective knowledge and the depth and wealth of experience necessary to successfully serve as directors of Galaxy Communications. The company has already launched their Digital Cable Television license to operate a pay cable television station in Namibia. So far, the company has received a positive response from the public. Kasper said the prospect of dynamic and engaging entertainment in Namibia will be a much needed and welcome breath of fresh air. He went on to say that the team is looking forward to putting Namibia on the forefront of international investment prospects. Galaxy Communications International is the Pan-African investment company involved in this initiative and is already operational in Angola, South Africa and Botswana (amongst others). Work on the construction of the studio has commenced. It is situated next to Philadelphia House in Newton Street close to Windhoek’s central business district. Depending on some finalizing technical agreements, the station will hit the market in October or November of this year. The company will start testing in September this year in South Africa and has also been invited into a community television station in that country. A license to broadcast news on the station is scheduled to be launched in two weeks time.

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