Where Did It All Go Wrong?


By John Ekongo Where have the morals gone, what happened to the good old omens of listen, observe and learn because you are never too old to learn? Education is from the cradle to the grave, goes an Arabic adage. Where did it all go, the upbringing, the ethos, the morality, values, respect and the initiative to learn and keep learning? Sad reality is facing us head on, and the truth is that we do not want to be seen doing things the old tried and trusted way. I was attending a parliamentary session recently and could not attest with mere truth on when some committee members addressed parliamentarians. What they had to say was not easy to absorb, but to cut a long story short, is that we are basically unemployable – period. Perhaps, you will be asking now what the hell does morality have to do with our fancy degree and decorated diplomas. Well, the fact is that if you don’t have the ethos, passion and zing to learn via the only foolproof method, you are as good as a beat-up old 1954 Limited edition Mini mobile – obsolete. Most of us would presumably remember the subject “moral education”. Well we hated it with a much-engulfed passion. But it might have come in a bit handy. Getting back to the issue at hand, the committee raised some serious eyebrows, and it is largely true to mention that many of us freshly out of college have high expectations and inflated ideas and egos. Much of our probable productive time is spent day dreaming and contemplating high salary, fat perks and hopefully when am I going to get the Volkswagen Golf GTI 5, before they come up with a GTI 6 version. We can only blame the pending situation on many factors. However the underlying point remains that we as young people can also play a cardinal role rather than blaming third parties. The fact is that much of the time we pass by the brinks of the margins, and if we are lucky enough, a C symbol makes us elevate our boastful ego. Even if we pass with much envied attainable A+ symbols, it means nothing if we cannot put it into practice. Much of our abilities, to be ingenious and absorb in our educational sphere is bloated with apathy. Students of today are not in the mode of wanting to be knowledgeable beyond his or her scope of thinking. Socio-economic issues are an absolute distaste, and speaking of current affairs issues is unheard of. This might not have any direct relevance whatsoever, but it does cross over and this is where a focus-oriented goal comes into the fray. One can only be productive if one is prepared to go the extra mile and learn the hard way. Accepting that one starts small and ends big is the only true version to good professionalism. Instead of career hopping and excessive demands for high remuneration, we should be bothered with actually becoming an asset to many of our employers, rather than a liability. Should it continue like it is now, then this country with the majority being the youth is as good as dead. Eewa!