Vegetable Garden Gets Cash Injection


By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Oshipe Development Fund has invested more than N$750 000 in Okawe Vegetables (Pty) Ltd, a vegetable plant located along the Northern Bank of the Orange River in Oranjemund. Oshipe Development Fund (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Namdeb Diamond Corporation, was formed during 2005 with the aim to promote and facilitate the sustainable business development and growth of SMEs through the provision of financial assistance and professional business support. The Okawe Vegetables investment is in line with Oshipe’s philosophy of contributing towards the socio-economic diversification and sustainability of the town of Oranjemund. Owned jointly by Israel Kalenga and Wilke Pote from Oranjemund, the garden is a result of various vegetable growing experiments conducted by the two entrepreneurs over the past few years. A statement from Namdeb says after extensive market research, Kalenga and Pote decided to transform their experience in the vegetable growing industry into a commercially viable venture that will supply vegetables, previously imported from South Africa, to various vegetable outlets in the Karas Region. And when fully operational, Okawe Vegetables will supply more than 80 percent of the vegetable demand in Oranjemund and will also deliver products to Rosh Pinah and LÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚¼deritz. The two businessmen are expected to expand their production capacity in the future in order to meet more of the vegetable demand in the local market, which currently relies on vegetable imports from South Africa. According to Kalenga, Okawe Vegetables will benefit the Oranjemund community and is a step towards making the town of Oranjemund more sustainable and less reliable on mining activities. During the handover ceremony, Regional Councilor Toivo Nambala commended Namdeb and Oshipe for their contribution towards supporting the socio-economic development of Namibians, which fits well into Namibia’s National Development Plan of achieving food security, nutritional improvement, employment creation and poverty reduction. Janita von Wielligh, Department Manager of Oshipe Development Fund, noted that it was a privilege for Oshipe to be associated with businesses and projects such as these that will not only create jobs, but also contribute to the economy of Namibia.

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