Forum to Focus on Education


By William J. Mbangula Oshakati The Forum for the Future (FFF), a non-governmental organisation, is to hold a four-day conference from Thursday, June 29 at Oniipa to discuss the educational system, the HIV/AIDS link to democratic governance structures and globalisation. FFF coordinator Samson Ndeikwila told New Era that the conference will focus on four topical issues, namely the system of education in independent Namibia and towards a relevant and quality education, globalisation, the link between HIV/Aids and democratic governance structures. Among the key speakers will be political analyst Dr Joseph Diescho, Helao Shityuwete of the PEACE Centre (People’s Education, Assistance and Counselling for Empowerment) and Herbert Jauch of LaRRi (Labour Resource and Research Institute). According to Ndeikwila, the purpose of the gathering is to promote the participation of Namibians in the affairs of their respective communities. “In this way, they will influence public policies and decision-making processes, thereby contributing towards good governance and sustainable development,” he noted. The conference is expected to deliver positive outcomes, among others for the participants to appreciate education as the bed-rock for overall development, to be able to make sound recommendations to the forthcoming conference of the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme (ETSIP), to have a clearer understanding of globa-lisation and how a country can either become a winner or loser within the globa-lisation phenomenon. The participants will also be able to understand in broadened manner the prevention and controlling measures against the spread of HIV/Aids, and for the participants to be able to make meaningful contributions to democratic and sustainable development in their respective communities. Gathering under the theme: “Preparing ourselves for the Future”, the conference will be co-sponsored by the Finnish Embassy. Last June a similar conference was held at Oniipa through the financial assistance of the Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS), a German foundation. HBS will still co-fund this year’s event.