Short Movies at FNCC


‘The Hostel Monologues’ is an initiative of the Ombetja Yehinga Organisation, a Namibian welfare organisation aiming at decreasing the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic among young people in the Kunene, Erongo and Khomas regions. It specializes in the use of the arts (performing and visual) to create social awareness. This year, the organisation has been focusing on the issue of life in school hostels. ‘The Hostel Monologues’ – written by five young Namibian people, acted by Mona Ganases and Ivan Mueze (two newcomers from Omaruru), and directed by Philippe Talavera – has been performed over 20 times to over 4 300 learners and 300 adults. They have now become two short films. Featuring the making of ‘The Hostel Monologues, the films will be launched at the FNCC next Wednesday at 19h30. In the first movie, F.L.Y, deals with a young boy coming from the farm and starting high school. Bullied, isolated, staying on his own at the school hostel, he starts regretting his former life until he meets with some hip-hop gangsters. The second movie, Zelda, depicts a young woman coming from a middle class Christian family. She has always led a decent life. She is the pride of her father and is sent to complete her studies at the best school in town. In the hostel, she meets with Lucy Bum Bum and her friends.