History Society Scores T-Shirts


By Lesley-Anne van Wyk WINDHOEK A group of forty individuals at the Delta Secondary School in Windhoek has successfully approached Capricorn Life for a donation of T-shirts for their History Society. The society was started at the beginning of 2006 to promote history as a subject within the Namibian community, instead of the usual focus on science subjects. The society also looks for scholarships to fund tertiary studies for students wishing to further their studies in the field. The executive committee of the DSSW History Society also organises visits to the National Museum and arranges discussions on matters pertinent to their cause. Aside from this they recently organised events to celebrate the Day of the African Child with traditional performances and an in-depth look at the issues that defined the day in 1976 spelled with unrest in Soweto. The group meets every Thursday afternoon at the school and will now be more noticeable in their light grey golf T-shirts.