Girlfriend Accused in Lover’s Death


By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK A 28-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday evening under the suspicion that she killed her 29-year-old boyfriend, Henry Tjivikua, in the early morning hours of Saturday. It is suspected that the girlfriend fatally stabbed the deceased with a knife. A close family member of Tjivikua told New Era yesterday that it appears the girlfriend who had stabbed the boyfriend on three other occasions had a brief argument with him before she stabbed him in the upper part of his heart. The girlfriend first claimed that her boyfriend arrived with a stab wound at home in the early morning and asked the neighbour to take her boyfriend to hospital. Tjivikua managed to arrive alive at the Katutura State hospital but succumbed to the wound after an hour. The girlfriend together with the neighbour went to relatives of Tjivikua to inform them that unknown criminals had stabbed the young man. However, the tragedy took another twist on Saturday afternoon when a nurse at Katutura State Hospital and a family member informed the mourners that there was something sinister in the entire story. The nurse said Tjivikua died of a stab wound which was in his heart, and that there was no way that anybody with a wound in the heart could walk more than five meters alive without collapsing. She reportedly reasoned that she could understand how Tjivikua died if he was attacked by gangsters could make it all the way home, open the gate and get into the house. The nurse requested the family members to report the matter to the police and to request an investigation, which they did. New Era has learned that Tjivikua arrived safe at the girlfriend’s place in the company of a friend who is dating the late Tjivikua’s girlfriend’s sister. The friend after police enquiries confirmed that Tjivikua arrived safe at home. Namibian Police spokesperson James Matengu said the incident took place on Saturday morning at two o’clock in Mungunda Street, Katutura. He added that the suspect was arrested and will appear in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court on a charge of murder.