Inferno Engulfs House


By Michael Liswaniso OPUWO A fire caused extensive damage to a house in the Ozombapa location in the township of Opuwo in the early morning hours of Friday. The fire that started around 02h30 in the morning razed all rooms, television sets, clothing, furniture and other prime household equipment. Nobody was killed in the inferno. The fire, according to occupant Uno Nderura, was caused by an unattended candle. “I really don’t know what happened, but I was just awakened by heat and smoke, then I rushed outside without even grabbing either my phone or wallet.” “My brother, who has the electricity card, was out of town during that time so all along in these past days we had been using a candle in the house,” said Nderura. “I just don’t know how we are going to survive this winter season. I lost all my clothes and duvets,” said Nderura. “It was just smoky and the mattress was blazing very fast when I rushed out and that was the time that my cousin Parakanee followed me because I think he was also awakened by the heat and smoke”, said Nderura. “I am just lucky to be alive because I was the last one to run outside,” said Parakanee Tjiuma. The two were staying together and the owner of the house, Banni Tjiuma, had been living in the village all along and her living room was always safely locked. When this correspondent arrived at the scene, some Opuwo residents and the neighbours were still standing at the scene trying to see what had happened while relatives and friends were trying to salvage some undamaged property. Neighbours that New Era spoke to said they were only awakened by the noise and could not do anything because everything was already “out of sight”. Opuwo has no fire engine. The Tjiuma family is appealing for assistance from the public. Those willing to help can contact Parakanee at: 065 273026 or 081 253 3112.