Let’s Get Our House in Order


SHOOTING FROM THE HIP Recent events within domestic football circles are suggesting there’s a serious crisis in leadership in our football structures. As widely anticipated and rightly so, a substantial portion of aggrieved members from the Namibian Football Association converged in the capital last weekend, with the primary aim of looking at the latest developments in football, or so it appeared at first glance, after their request for an Extra-Ordinary Congress fell on deaf ears following the regions’ apparent failure to cough up the annual subscription fees. What really concerns yours truly is the line of approach adopted by these self-styled football gurus when the situation was presented to them to map out the way forward – instead these over-ambitious bloodthirsty vultures opted to pass a motion of no-confidence in the CURRENT LEADERSHIP of the NFA. A hastily assembled Interim Committee was put in place, but MOEGOES are always bound to stumble over their own feet and this became evident when they selectively retained a portion of the just-fired Members from the old school to serve on the Interim Committee, which is an absolute piece of crap!!. It took a heated argument with a perceived troublesome seasoned journo to have the amateurish decision reversed, but by that time their real intentions had already been exposed – since it was clearly evident that these dudes had in reality no genuine issue with the Executive but a selected few – what a sorry state of affairs. Namibian football has been down that road before with extreme repercussions and I personally don’t appreciate the avenues of approach by the very same people who claim to have the interest of the game at heart – that’s just not on gents, visionary leadership is not about freezing those you perceive to be your enemies. It is the ability to smell an ensuing problematic situation and find amicable answers, above all, it’s a collective responsibility and all stakeholders must have the freedom to sincerely express their feelings and thoughts without fear of victimization. The latest developments are likely to overshadow the less impressive review from the recently concluded FIFA Goal Project Audit and Review of the NFA Long Term Strategic Plan (LTP) 2005-2008 Report. The said report contained various damaging revelations about the ability of certain individuals within the troubled Organization and the NFA Secretariat came under heavy criticism for the current mess in Namibian football, while the competency of the Technical Department was also placed under the microscope. It would be unfair towards those implicated in the report to recklessly publish the findings without running an eye over the contributing factors which led to the apparent failure to implement the FIFA Resolutions, despite funds made available for that particular purpose. One would have expected the NFA Executive to thoroughly study the findings and come up with their own analyses, because there must be few genuine attributions, which might have contributed to some of the requirements not being met. However, the Report is freely floating around because in the business of dog eat dog industry, dirty tricks easily take root and people would always be hell-bent to ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚ºÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚ºdiscredit their own colleagues in a desperate attempt to shift attention away from their own bungling, albeit temporarily. My broer, there is more than meets the eye here, and I would rather suggest to my learned acquaintances to get stuck into more pressing issues as clearly spelled out in the FIFA Report, instead of trying to gatecrash the state-of-the-art offices at Soccer House. Namibia is poised to host the annual Regional COSAFA Castle Cup in less than two months’ time, but the ongoing squabbles could potentially derail our progress in the lucrative competition if the situation is not arrested, and we might also be stripped of the hosts status unless we get our ducks in the row – the sooner the better. So, let me rest my case, and for those who dearly want to see the back of me – I’m off for the time being, but rest assured I will be back with more zip next Friday.