Stop Insulting Nujoma


The PAN Afrikan Center of Namibia (PACON) is highly perturbed by the ongoing vilification of our leaders, especially our Patron, the Founding Father of the Namibian Nation Dr Sam Nujoma. Dr Sam Nujoma is a highly esteemed son of the African soil, and any insult and dehumani-sation meted out to him by the remnants of the colonial masters cannot go unchallenged. It has to be understood that it is un-African to insult an elder, let alone a respected leader of the calibre of comrade Sam Nujoma. The Founding President of the Republic of Namibia has done a super-human job for Africa and the world in general, and for Namibia in particular. Those that are vilifying him and sacrificing him on the unholy altar of apartheid nightmares and desires to go back to the past, are themselves directly or indirectly responsible for the misery and underdevelopment of the African people. Africa and the Africans have for long been wronged and relegated to the abyss of human history by those that pretend to be holy and untouchable angels of today. At their hands, our people have perished in unexplained circumstances: we were never slaves, yet we were made slaves by brutal force: we were chained and sent to the gallows in the most barbaric way imaginable: we are scattered all over the globe, not at our will, but because of the most egocentric genocidal order that wiped a large section of our people: many of our people are buried in the wombs of vultures, jackals and other predators of the veld. A decent burial, these people have not seen! Many of our people have lost their mother tongues, cultures and way of life. Our Afro-American brothers and sisters are relegated to being boxers, tennis players, golfers, singers, film actors, in a word, entertainers! They are deliberately kept away from the institutions of power and influence. We have not insulted their leaders. We ask their children to live with us in peace and harmony. The man who is being insulted is himself the architect of the policy of national reconciliation. It has to be very very clear that our acceptance of peace and stability in our country is not by any means a sign of cowardice! The remnants of the colonial powers in our midst must know that they are stretching our patience to the limit. As much as we want peace to prevail, we will not tolerate and stand idle when our respected leaders are unfairly crucified by the very people who contributed to our general conditions. Dr Sam Nujoma hails from humble beginnings, and with very little education rose to prominence amongst his own people and became respected all over the world, and achieved freedom and independence for his people, all at great sacrifice for his personal life, that of his family, his comrades and that of the entire Namibian people. To insult Nujoma is by implication to insult the Namibian people. It is time for all Pan-Africanists, comrades, progressive groups and institutions, philanthropists, unwavering individuals, statesmen and women to stand together and say enough is enough! Constructive criticism is indeed tolerable, but anything that borders on character assassination and conscious and deliberate diminishing of one’s dignity and personality belongs only to the era and epoch of cannibalism and barbarism not in the twenty-first century. It has become apparent in Namibia that the whole nation of freedom of speech is being highly abused. It is one-sided and has become the domain of some selective sections of our society. When Nujoma is being attacked, then democracy is alive and kicking in Namibia. When one is asking, “Why are the children of those who oppressed us and reduced us to second hand citizens in the land of our birth, not partaking in national issues such as independence celebrations?”, then freedom of association and you name it is under threat! For those that are yearning for the yester-years of Ja Bass, Kaffir and Nigger, we need to remind you that your days are numbered. As Africans, we know our leaders and our true martyrs – we will canonize them and lift them up, crown them with the African sainthood in our own African terms. Let us remind those that are daily becoming a thorn in the flesh that they should leave us in peace and not in pieces. As a matter of fact, let them know for sure that the real struggle for reparation of the African people in Africa, the diaspora and the globe has just started. The side-effects of the Berlin Conference of 1884 which divided Africa into the so-called colonial spheres of influence will be felt in every corner of Europe! Long Live Comrade Dr Sam Nujoma! Long Live The Republic of Namibia! Long Live The African Union! Long Live The African Spirit of Non-Surrender! Long Live All The African Leaders! Long Live Mother Africa! Johanes PSK Tjitjo PACON

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